Companies &samhoud media and Little Chicken have created a new augmented reality and virtual reality App about space travel as a new campaign for the biggest Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn.

Albert Heijn has launched a new campaign to teach children more about space travelling in a fun and educating way. The kids could discover the fascinating world of space travel together with Dutch astronaut André Kuipers by collecting 160 different space journey images of which 23 special images that can be scanned for virtual reality and augmented reality applications. Thanks to André Kuipers children could experience the adventurous journey through space. After the big success of the Dino App Little Chicken and &samhoud media decided to work hand-in-hand to create the digital component of space travelling.

The new space campaign is created by the enthusiastic parties that earlier created the Dino campaign starring Dutch biologist and TV presenter Freek Vonk. The founder of &samhoud media, Jip Samhoud, proudly said: “It’s amazing to again let children be in a place which is normally not assessable. By order of Albert Heijn, &samhoud media and TBWA have made it possible to let children experience what it’s like to go on space voyage.”

The AH Space journey application is a technological progress, according to Tomas Sala, the Creative Director of Little Chicken. “The more images you collect, the completer that concerned world gets in augmented reality and the more to explore. Next to that, it’s now possible to truly fly through a world in virtual reality. That’s a whole new fantastic experience.”

Little Chicken and &samhoud media hope to collaborate more often in the future on revolutionising projects. “The bunch of the specialties of both companies again worked out really well. We noticed that both companies complete each other perfectly both on the creative as the technological side.”