Albert Heijn &samhoud media present: AH Dinos with Freek Vonk

Together with Albert Heijn, the biggest supermarket chain of the Netherlands, we created a unique VR and AR concept for a nationwide campaign. The campaign revolves around dinosaurs. Millions of Albert Heijn customers receive special dinosaur cards that make it possible to bring dinosaurs to life in virtual and augmented reality. Using a special dino app, users can step into the world of the dinosaurs (VR) and visit them in their natural habitat.

Dutch celebrity biologist Freek Vonk accompanies them in this journey and provides users with educational and dazzling facts about these giant creatures from prehistoric times. Next to this, users can also bring the dinosaurs to life in their own environment (AR). They can let dinosaurs walk on the table, swim by or even let them fly through the room. They can capture all their adventures with a special camera plug-in and share it via social media. The nation-wide scale combined with the state-of-the-art technology makes this project one of the largest VR and AR projects in the world.